Saturday, December 10, 2011


Software and Hardware: MICROSOFT SILVERLIGHT and NETFLIX. Microsoft just announced that its Silverlight version 5 upgrade is now available at this link:, install it then restart your computer. The Silverlight multimedia (such as Netflix movies and tv shows) plugin powers Netflix and provides faster loading and better video viewing quality so you must keep it ugraded. In fact, you can not use Netflix without the Silverlight plugin.

NOTE: If you see this error message at the top of your browser when you try to view a Netflix movie: 'Silverlight is not responding' (as I saw twice above my browser when the newest Silverlight upgrade version 5 became available a few days ago, I still only had version 4 installed) you need to go to the provided link above and install the new upgrade. Check to see what version you currently have installed by clicking Start>in the Search Box type in Microsoft Silverlight and click on it to view the version in its pop-up window.

*Microsoft Silverlight may or may NOT automatically update to the next upgrade version. For example, Silverlight will NOT upgrade automatically if you have a Windows Vista or 7 Operating System (aka. OS) version, since both have the 'User Account Control' (aka. UAC) SECURITY feature. With UAC, every time that you try to download new software or the newest upgrade of an already installed software program (i.e. Silverlight) you'll see a pop-up window appear with this message: 'Windows needs your permission to continue' at the top of the UAC pop-up window and you have to click on 'Continue' to be able to install downloads.

To view for yourself the reasons why Silverlight doesn't automatically update, click on Start>and in its Search Box' type in 'Microsoft Silverlight' and click on it to open it and the 'Microsoft Silverlight Configuration' pop-up window appears. Click on its 'Updates' tab and you'll see that 'Install updates automatically (recommended)' is NOT selected by default (NOT enabled). Click on the link at the bottom of this pop-up that states: 'Why are some settings unavailable' (meaning you can't update and upgrade Silverlight) and it explains why as I, too, have explained in the prior paragraph. So, to get your current upgrade version 5 of Microsoft Silverlight installed just click on this link:, click on 'Download Now', restart your computer and enjoy your movies!

Also, regarding the 'Microsoft Silverlight Configuration' pop-up window's next option under 'Install updates automatically (recommended)' is 'Check for updates, but let me decide whether to download and install them'. If this option is also NOT enabled you will have to uninstall your current Silverlight version via Control Panel>Programs>scroll down to Microsoft Silverlight and click on it to uninstall it or go to this direct Silverlight link to uninstall it: Once you've uninstalled the old version then you can install the current one at this link: then restart your computer.

*Netflix Video Quality and Loading Speed. You need to select these settings yourself. Login to Netflix>click on 'Your Account & Help'>to the right under 'Manage Account' click on 'Manage Video Quality' and select either Good, Better, or Best Quality. Netflix allows you this option which is good if your ISP (Internet Service Provider) i.e. AOL or Rogers, has enforced an Internet BANDWIDTH (download data amount and speed) CAP (download data amount and speed LIMIT) on just how much data you are allowed to download per second according to your monthly Internet plan. So with Netflix, if you choose (for movie video quality and loading speed):  'Good' you'll only use about 0.3 GB per hour, and 'Better' uses about 0.7 GB per hour, and Best uses up to 1 GB per hour, or possibly 2.3 GB per hour for HD movies.

NOTE: If you have issues with the Silverlight upgrade and install download using Google Chrome (an issue I'll discuss later) download it using Microsoft's Internet Explorer. I tried twice to download the latest Silverlight using Chrome but it would not install it because I was advised via a pop-up message that I already had the latest version installed of Silverlight even though I did not! I tried my third upgrade install of Silverlight version 5 using Internet Explorer and it did install with no issues. After you finish installing Silverlight's new upgrade to see that you do indeed now have the lastest version 5 installed click on Start>in the Search Box type in 'Microsoft Silverlight' and click on it to view the version in its pop-up window.

*Google's Chrome Browser is compatible with Netflix and you can view its movies with it. Also, I've know for some time now that Google's Chrome browser has been rated the best for online security, too, and it is the browser that I use the most.

NOTE: You can also contact me with any of your computer related questions via my profile at this link:, then just click on: E-mail Pamela j.

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