Thursday, December 01, 2011

MICROSOFT WINDOWS System Restore versus System Recovery

Software and Hardware: SYSTEM RESTORE versus SYSTEM RECOVERY. As you'll see during an internet search the term 'System Restore' is used in reference to BOTH a System (Computer) Restore and a System (Windows) Restore and this has caused a lot of confusion for many people since these two types of restore are not alike. Not understanding the difference between these two types of restore can lead to having to reinstall software programs. It's easier to think of a System Restore in reference to your computer only and think of a System Recovery in reference only to your Windows Operating System. First I'll explain System Restore then System Recovery.

*System RESTORE: When you perform a System Restore (using your Windows Operating System version's 'System Restore' wizard) it resets your computer's system files (not your personal files such as documents) and computer settings back to their original state before and when you first bought your computer meaning that some of the software programs that you have currently installed yourself may be deleted from your computer and you will have to reinstall them via cd/dvd or download.

*System RECOVERY: Is provided by an OEM (aka. a computer manufacturer such as Dell or Gateway) who sells you a computer with a pre-installed OEM Windows Operating System version (XP, Vista, or 7) that also includes an OEM Windows Operating System Recovery cd/dvd or a Hidden OEM Windows System Recovery partition file on your computer's hard drive. You use the OEM cd/dvd or partition file to help you to first recover Windows so that you can also then reinstall Windows (if you're having problems with it.)

Think of it this way: System Restore (restore and reset computer) first you uninstall new software, due to poor performance, then you do a System (Computer) Restore to [restore your computer] so that it will perform well again. And, System Recovery (recover then reinstall Windows) you first perform a recovery then a reinstall of Windows and doing so will [restore Windows] so that it, too, like your computer, now performs well again.

NOTE: More to come regarding System Restore & System Recovery

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