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MICROSOFT WINDOWS Lost Product Key Number (aka. PID)

Software and Hardware: LOST PRODUCT KEY NUMBER (aka. PID) for a Retail (Full) Windows Operating System version on cd/dvd or for an OEM Windows version. All Windows Operating Systems versions have a Product Key Number needed to activate Windows when you or your computer manufacturer installs or reinstalls a version.

I explained in my post prior to this one at this link:, how to locate your Windows Product Key Number (aka. PID) for ALL Windows versions. Please read my prior link first then if you are still unable to locate your Product Key, the Microsoft links below will help you whether you have a Retail (Full) Windows version (that you install yourself) or an OEM Windows version (pre-installed) by your computer manufacturer, i.e. Dell or Gateway.

There are two types of Retail (Full) Windows versions (that YOU install yourself) that you buy either on cd/dvd or by (download) from the Microsoft web site.The Product Key Number for a cd/dvd version is on a yellow or orange sticker on the back of the cd/dvd, and can only be lost if you've lost the cd/dvd. And, a downloaded version's Product Key Number can NOT be lost because it is included in the Microsoft confirmation email to you.

If your Windows version is an OEM version, meaning pre-installed by your computer manufacturer (i.e. Dell or Gateway) your Product Key Number is located on the back of your computer on a sticker with the letters OEM included within the number. When you buy a new computer some computer manufacturers still include an OEM cd/dvd of your Windows version, too. If you've lost your OEM Product Key Number it's usually lost because the sticker has detached from your computer, or could be too faded to read, or you've lost the OEM cd/dvd.

Below is information provided by Microsoft that's needed if you can't locate or have lost your Windows Retail or OEM Operating System version's Product Key Number (PID):

*LOST PRODUCT KEY: Retail (Full) Windows Version on cd/dvd. Contact Microsoft for the right phone number to call for your country and region, at this link:;EN-US;CNTACTMS

NOTE: According to Microsoft, if you've lost your Windows cd/dvd Product Key Number (PID) or the Product Key you enter comes up as invalid when you try to install or reinstall Windows, you'll have to buy an additional copy of the same edition of your Windows version from their web site or from a local computer store.

*LOST PRODUCT KEY: OEM Windows Version. Contact the OEM computer manufacturer (i.e. Dell or Gateway, etcetera) as is advised by phone at this link:

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