Monday, November 21, 2011


Software and Hardware: TASK MANAGER. Used when you want to close an UNRESPONSIVE browser or software program and accessed by holding down on your keyboard's Ctrl and Alt keys, then hit the Delete key.

If you've found lately that your Task Manager no longer shows its menus (File>Options>View>Windows>Help) and its tabs (Applications>Processes>Services>Performance>Networking>Users) you've probably unknowingly double-clicked the Task Manager's border and doing so hides its menus and tabs (the border is the blank area around the Tasks that you have running, double click in the area to the left of END TASK at the bottom) to make the menus and tabs reappear. Doing a double-click is a toggle meaning the same action that hides Task Manger's features also unhides them. The annoying thing about not having this program's features showing is that you can't close it under its File>Exit Task Manager or by right-clicking it in the Task Bar above your browser because the 'Close' option has also disappeared. This causes you to have to drag the Task Manager to a corner of your screen to get it out of your way.

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