Tuesday, November 08, 2011


INTERNET and BROWSERS: GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER (Continued). Another great feature of Chrome is that it enables you to synchronize all your Google related content (such as your Google Blog, Google website, Google Plus). Launch (load) Chrome and Sign In with your Google gmail address and password. Click on the WRENCH to the far right on the Chrome URL toolbar, scroll down to Synch and complete the steps.

After synchronizing you can add Dashboard to your Google Shortcuts Extension (on you Chrome URL toolbar, downloaded from the Chrome Web Store) by clicking on the Shortcuts extension, then click on its Options (looks like a bolt or cog shape) and appears directly under the Shortcuts extension as soon as you click on it, scroll to Dashboard, drag it into your list of extensions to the right.  Now click again on the Google Shortcuts Extension, click on the Dashboard Shortcut and you'll see ALL of your Google content listed here.

When you load Google Chrome you see the sites that you're viewing appear at the top in the TASKBAR. Under the taskbar is the URL (address line) TOOLBAR. Under the toolbar you can add a BOOKMARKS BAR (for easy access to sites that you visit often) click on the WRENCH to the far right (in the toolbar)>select Bookmarks>put a check mark beside 'Show Bookmarks Bar'.

To keep from having to type frequented web addresses in every time you load Chrome, you can have Chrome automatically fill in the address for you just by typing a few letters of the address. Click on the Chrome toolbar WRENCH>scroll down and select Options>under Basics put a check mark by 'Enable Instant for Faster Searching and Browsing'.

Remember when using Google Chrome that to close a website page that you're done viewing you must click on the + (Plus Sign) next to its TAB in the Chrome taskbar, do NOT click on the X to the far right or you'll close the Chrome browser. When using Internet Explorer with several website tabs open, clicking on the X will only close one site not the IE browser, but this is not so with Chrome.

To learn more, here's the link to the Google Chrome Help Forum: https://www.google.com/support/chrome/?hl=en-GB

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