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GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER: I've been using the Google CHROME browser for the last few months. I find, in comparison to other popular browsers, that Chrome is the fastest for  loading and searching content (you can type a search right into Chrome's URL (address line) as soon as Chrome loads instead of having to type it into the search box). Chrome also offers more browsing security than other browsers and it has lots of useful and time saving EXTENSIONS. To download Google Chrome go to:

GOOGLE CHROME WEB STORE: To select the Chrome Web Store EXTENSIONS that you want go to: ( If you already haven't, you need to sign up for a Google account at: in order to access this store, or just click on Sign In to the far right to create your account. Now sign into the web store using the URL that I've provided here or when you load Chrome you'll see a Google TAB appear, at the upper left of page, click on the + (plus sign) and you'll see New Tab, and the Google Web Store icon appears on the page, click on it then read about and start adding extensions. Below is a list of some of the available EXTENSIONS:

GOOGLE CHROME EXTENSIONS: There are many extensions and below are a few that I use.

*GOOGLE SHORTCUTS: My favorite Google extension for placing all of your Google services (such as Google Plus, your Google Blog, Google Mail, Google Web Store) etcetera, all into one pop-up shortcut.

*SHAREAHOLIC or ADDTHIS: Shortcuts for many social networking sites, add all of the ones you want.

*TOOMANY TABS FOR CHROME: If you need to work with many tabs open at the same time compile them all into a list that's easier to access using this extension.

*BLOG THIS!: You can post to your Google Blogger Blog no matter what site you're on, by having the BlogThis! extension which once downloaded appears BESIDE the URL (address line) on your Chrome toolbar.

*BLOGGER DYNAMIC VIEWS (by Google): Appears INSIDE the Chrome URL (address line), and lets you view a Google Blogger Blog in 5 different types of views. And, you can read more of a Blogger's postings without having to click to a second page or reload.

* RSS: Google Chrome has several extensions for RSS FEEDS (your and others Blog postings that are also posted in FeedBurner once you sign up to FeedBurner) just go to the Chrome Web Store, type in RSS and choose the ones that you want. One of the RSS extensions I use appears INSIDE of the URL (address line) and every time that you click on a site that does have a feed it appears and allows you to easily subscribe to the feed and it's called RSS Subscription Extension (by Google).

*WOT (Web of Trust): Every time you do a Google search WOT checks the link(s) and rates its security level BEFORE you click on it. You'll see a circle beside each link, and a green circle means it's a safe site.

*PERSONAL BLOCKLIST (by Google): Allows you to block personal site pages that you don't want others to view.

*ABINE: A tracker that informs you of sites, in particular advertising sites, who are trying to profile and track you giving you the option to block them and to be more selective of the advertisers that you want to have contact you. NOTE: Google also has a feature called AdPreferences that allows you to personalize the advertisers that you'd prefer to have contact you at this link:  This is a great feature because you can get some really good deals by opting to select the ads geared at your interests and business.

*HTTPS ENFORCER: Makes certain that you are indeed connecting to a secured site such as Facebook, or Twitter. If you type into Chrome's URL (address line) this extension automatically connects to Facebook's https (secured) server.

*AWESOME SCREENSHOT: CAPTURE & ANNOTATE: You can take a picture of a web site page and save it to:, or email it to someone.

To read more about GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER click on this link:

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