Tuesday, November 15, 2011


BLOG 'SUBSCRIBE TO' TYPE 1: Subscribe in a READER: Allows your Blog visitors to subscribe to your FeedBurner feed (aka. your feed is a copy of all your Blog postings) using a Feed Reader (aka. Feed Aggregator) such as Google Reader, My Yahoo, etcetera). To the right of my Blog you see 'Subscribe Now' and beneath it is the RSS Icon (aka. Reader icon, orange in color) with 'Subscribe in a Reader' beside it, and when you click on it my FeedBurner Feed page appears. To get the RSS 'Subscribe in a Reader' to appear on your Blog page just login to FeedBurner at: www.feedburner.com>click on your Feed title>click on Publicize>scroll down left of page and click on Chicklet Chooser>under Choose the New Standard Feed Icon choose the big or small sized one by clicking on one>(also select any Readers that you want from the list such as Yahoo, Google Reader, myAOL, etcetera)>scroll to bottom of page and by 'Use as a Widget in' click on the drop down menu>choose Blogger and click on Go>follow steps to add 'Subscribe in a Reader' widget to your Blog.

BLOG 'SUBSCRIBE TO' TYPE 2: Subscribe to this feed. At the bottom of each of my Blog postings you see "Subscribe to this feed' before 'Email This'. It's a link to the FeedBurner Feed of each of your Blog postings and allows your Blog visitors to subscribe to your Blog using a Reader or by using their email. They can scroll through your feed and select whichever method they prefer depending upon which methods you've made available to them (email or subscribe to in a Reader). To  provide this 'Subscribe to my feed' to your Blog visitors log into FeedBurner at: www.feedburner.com >click on your Feed Title>click on Optimize>on the left of the page scroll down to FeedFlare>to the right of the page put a check mark beside 'Subscribe to my feed'. NOTE: It is best to select ALL of the FeedFlare's that you'd like to have appear at the bottom of all your Blog postings at one time instead of having to go back to FeedFlare many times. Now on my Blog posting that you're now reading scroll up to: BLOG EMAIL TYPE 2: Email This (in text link form) and follow Step 1 and Step 2 regarding how to copy and paste this FeedFlare 'Subscribe to my feed' html code into your Blog's Template.

NOTE: Only 'Blog 'Email' Types are covered under Blog Site: Tip #8 at this link: http://pamelaparr49.blogspot.com/2011/11/blog-site-tip-8_10.html, and 'Subscribe To' this Blog Types are covered here under Blog Site: Tip #9.

For FeedBurner 'Email' Types and Feedburner 'Subscribe To' explanations see Blog Site: Tip #10 via this link: http://pamelaparr49.blogspot.com/2011/11/blog-site-tip-10.html

NOTE: You can also contact me with any of your computer related questions via my cnet.com profile at this link: www.cnet.com/profile/pamjparr/, then just click on: E-mail Pamela j.

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