Wednesday, November 02, 2011


BLOG and GOOGLE ADSENSE: Googles's AdSense allows you to earn money by displaying advertisments on your Blog and Feeds. ATTENTION: Before signing up to AdSense you should make sure to read Google and Third Party advertising policies via the ADSENSE HELP URL: It's a must to carefully read these policies to avoid advertising DISQUALIFICATION due to clicking on the ads yourself, or you could be DISABLED from displaying ads due to not having enough content in your Blog.

If you've already signed up for a Google Account and have created your Google Blog, sign into your Blog, on your Blog's Dashboard click View Blog>Design>Monetize>click on Sign Up for Adsense tab. You can also click on the tab beside this one, Adsense For Feeds>Adsense for Feeds: Setup> if you wish to also display ads on your FeedBurner feeds. Or, load your Google (Chrome) browser, at upper right click on Sign In (to your Google Account). Now click on your Name (upper right)>click Account Settings>click Profile and Privacy>scroll down and click on Sign Into Dashboard on the right of this page>scroll down left of next page and under Webmaster Tools click on Site (or just click on your blogger URL: (i.e.>click on Adsense (top left), fill in the application>click Submit.

Also, for more AdSense HELP go to Google's AdSense Blog called Google Inside AdSense Blog at:

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