Sunday, October 30, 2011


BLOG and WEBLOGS and PINGOMATIC and BLOGSPOT-PING.COM: Now that you've created your Blog, and it has been indexed by Google, and you're Blog postings are appearing as feeds in FeedBurner go to click on Feed Validator and enter your FeedBurner Feed URL (aka. RSS URL) NOT your Blog Site's URL (aka.  Blog site address). Find your FEED address at log in and click on your Feed Title>click Edit Feed Details>Feed Address, or on your Blog Site under Settings>Site Feed>Post Feed Redirect URL. Now that you've typed your FEED address by Feed Name>click Validate My Feed and you should see this message: Is a Valid Syndication Feed. is a ping server that helps to get your most recent Blog postings (aka, FeedBurner feeds) indexed faster by search engines (Google, Yahoo, etcetera), and this is especially helpful if you're Blog is commercial (used to make money). And you can go to this part of their site: to have them ping you by entering the required information. You can also go to another Blog ping server that pings FeedBurner, Google Blog Search, AND, just choose them from the provided list and any others that you want to be pinged by.

And, the BEST PING SERVER that I found for instant (BLOG and WEBPAGE) update pinging, that's compatible with Wordpress Blogs, too, is at: Instead of having to go to a ping server's website every time you want a Blog post or webpage pinged, Blogspot-Ping allows you to enter code right into your Blog or webpage template for AUTOMATIC PINGING of your Blog posting updates! Go to this site, click on Directions For Use to get the code.

NOTE: You can also contact me with any of your computer related questions via my profile at this link:, then just click on: E-mail Pamela j.

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