Monday, October 24, 2011


BLOG INDEXED FASTER: Here are more ways to get Google to Index your Blog faster:

(1) Now that you've created a Google Blog, sign up to FeedBurner (RSS and Atom Feed) at: .FeedBurner is owned by Google now, and will automatically add Feedburner to your Google Account once you've signed up. This link explains FeedBurner well and its purpose: For more about FeedBurner see Blog Site: Tip #4.

(2) All things Google gets you indexed faster by Google such as using Google's Search Engine Google Chrome as your internet browser's home page. Signing up for a Google Account, Google Gmail, iGoogle, creating a Blog with Google, joining Google's FeedBurner, join Google's Social Networking Site (Google Plus), creating a Google website, and many more.

Once you download and make Google Chrome your internet browser home page, create a Google Account at: Click on More on the Chrome Home Page>select Even More, and you'll see many Google features that you can sign up for via Google such as signing up with YouTube via your Google account. The more Google links you have the better for faster Google Blog or Google website indexing, and synchronizing ALL of your personal Google related links is even more helpful! Using the Google Chrome browser, sign in, click on the WRENCH icon at upper right of page, scroll down to 'Sync this Account'.

(3) Join popular Blog sites via your Blog site and add them by clicking on your Blog's Dashboard>scroll down and click on Add. Have a link of your Blog linked to popular websites such as Kijiji. Blogs and websites with high internet traffic get you noticed more and indexed faster, too.

(4) Add Google's +1 (Plus 1) button to your sites to increase your site traffic (visits) from others, and for faster indexing at:

Read all about Google +1 at:

NOTE: Another way to get your Blog's postings indexed faster is via FeedBurner. After you've created your Blog and have submitted it to FeedBurner, log into FeedBurner>click on your Feed title (aka. your Blog title)>click on Publicize>on the left of the page scroll down to and click on PingShot>click on Activate.

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