Monday, October 24, 2011


 BLOG CREATION STEPS: NOTE: I recommend Google Blogger for easy and fast Blog Site creation.  I've read a lot about Blog site creation and I've managed to condense what I have read into the following:

(1) CREATE A BLOG: First Create a Google account at: While still logged into your new Google Account, click on the More drop down menu at top of page, select Even More, then under Communicate, Show & Share, click on Blogger (Google's Blog Site)>click Create Blog. The easiest and fastest way to create a Blog is to use one of Google's templates. Fill in your blog profile information and add some content to your Blog such as it's title, description of Blog, and add a few posts to it. Search Engines are more likely to index (Step 3 below) your Blog when it has some content in it.

(2) VERIFICATION of BLOG: Once you've created your blog you must have your Blog ownership verified with Google. Click on your Blog's Dashboard>and under Tools and Resources Section at the bottom of the page, click on Webmaster Tools and the Webmaster Home Page appears>click on Add a Site>enter your Blog's URL:
(for example:>click Continue. While still in Webmaster Tools click on Manage Sites (under Add a Site)>click on Google Analytics Property>select your Blog by clicking beside it>click Save. While still on this page called, Enable Webmaster Tools Data In Google Analytics, click on <<Back to Home (upper right of page) then do step 3. 

(3) INDEXING a BLOG: Adds your Blog site to a Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etcetera). Click on your Blog's URL (web address) link>click on Diagnostics>click Fetch as GoogleBot>you'll see your Blog address and to the right of it click on Fetch. Under Fetch Status you'll see Pending, then once your Blog is fetched you'll see Success>then beside it click on Submit To Index>select URL and Linked Pages>click Submit. Google created Blogs are often indexed  quickly, within 24 hours.

(4) KEYWORDS: Are words used by Google Search Engine when they crawl, fetch and INDEX your BLOG or personal website and by others searching for you on the internet that describe the subject or content of your site or blog. Have and use a keyword, or preferably keywords, present on ALL of your pages such as your first name or words in the title of a service that you're providing via your Blog and keywords that others will likely use when searching for you such as (pamela parr fredericton) for my Google website and (pamela parr computer) for my Blog.

While still on your Fetch as Googlebot page (Webmaster Tools), click on Labs (to your left)>click Custom Search>beside Keywords type in your preferred search words  I used my Blog's title, Computer Repair Service, as keywords and the word Fredericton (leave a space between each word). Click on CSE Control Panel (upper right of screen)>click on Indexing (to left of screen)>and beside Sitemap URL type in your Blog's URL (i.e.>click on Index Now.

See Blog Site Tip #2, for more methods to get Google to index your Blog faster.

Have fun and enjoy your new Blog site!!! If you'd prefer, I am offering to design and publish a Blog site for you.

NOTE: You can also contact me with any of your computer related questions via my profile at this link:, then just click on: E-mail Pamela j.

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